Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Just being a proud sister.

My brother is graduating this week from college.
It kind of hit me this week - now that i've been thinking about the trip that we'll be making to see him cross that stage.
over the past couple of years I've seen him cross the High school stage for graudation, and I've seen him cross the floor for his Associates Degree (they didnt have a stage) Speaking of his associates graduation - he spoke during a good majority of it- he had a very nice speech to talk about the Baptist Student Ministry mentors, and spoke so well at the graduation. While he was in school there he helped out a lot with the Baptist Student Ministry (BSM) He and some buddies would get together and fish and hang out.
Daniel went on to West Texas A&M University, in Canyon, Tx (outside of Amarillo)  he started off as a nursing student, and somehow wound up going for a Health Science degree. Daniel began taking care of Joshua, who is a boy with autism. Daniel watches him for many hours throughout the week. Daniel began to really help Josh to do tasks like to turn out the light and such. Daniel has helped josh (from my understanding.) This past year Daniel began taking care of a girl, named Erica. Erica has Cerebal Palsy. Daniel would hang out with her, and take both her and Josh to therapy and he would take Erica to some places with him, such as the softball games and whatnot.
Daniel truly is an inspiration - (well to me at least) to really look out after others- it really isnt all bout us- and these kids simply enjoy the company of being around others and getting that special attention.
Daniel of course has been super busy this past semester with preparing to graduate, working and of course all of his free time with his buddies-
He never did get into the 'party scene' that so many college students get involved in... and he has gotten I know of at least one compliment from another student he recieved.
I am saying all of this because I look up to my little brother.(literally and figuratively) Dan has a good head on his shoulders and truly has been a blessing in my life. I know im his sister... but ---

So this week i've just been thinking on all of this, since im his big sister I have just been thinking on the past and just things that Dan has made me proud...
This has been a change of thoughts for me, considering that im about waist high --- or higher in doing wedding stuff and im finishing up this quarter for school - I have only been thinking about what is going on in my immediate life, and not really taking a good look around at those around me and the things that they are going through. So this week i've just been trying to make a point to not be so insanely engrossed in the wedding planning to make sure i soak this all in.
Dan's graduation is a big one. I am super excited for him, and really can't wait to see what God has in store for him.
Daniel will be standing beside me as my "Man of Honor" on my wedding day in a few weeks  i could not be happier to have him to be at the altar with me.

-- bottom line -  I think we really need to be there for one another-be there for those especially who need us. and make sure to pause in our busy days to check on someone - or see what is going on to stay connected. Also make sure you don't let life slip before your eyes- really soak everythign in as much as possible.

Since my lil bro is growin' up....