Sunday, October 28, 2012

class number 2

Tomorrow I start my 2nd class with The Kings University. (yes, you will probably be seeing me post everytime I have a new class for school. sorry.)
This class is just your basic English/Grammar class. Today I was looking just a quick view of what we will be learning about each week.
Alot of it sounds so basic, stuff that we learned back in 6th grade and before, prepositional phrases, adjectives, adverbs... and such... but I am glad that going  back to the basics, and re-learn the fundamentals of English... I think that this will be good, I hope that with this class it will allow me to write better when I am done with it.
I love to write (hense.... why I am writing a blog now.) but sometimes I feel like writing, not only gets your 'thoughts' out on 'paper' at times you let out emotion, dreams, plans, advice, ideas.... sometimes writing things out helps me solve problems or issues... sometimes it only leads you to more questions... sometimes you write for fun, and in an informal manner, and sometimes in a more professional way. I enjoy writing to the extent that when someone reads what I write, I hope that they can get inspired in some form or fashion, and I hope that change can help us among those who need God.

I love to write to tell people things in the Bible, I love to teach, through 'paper'.

I used to help out with the youth at my old church. I thoroughly enjoyoed teaching the kids. I really did. it was some of the most 'growing' times that I personally had- I grew more and more as I kept digging deeper and deeper into information, resources, and such. I would write out my whole lesson, writing down word for word allowed me to really work it out in my head as to how it would sound and what needed to be said next. It helped me alot, I was able to memorize what I was going to say better. writing helped me so much.

Beginning a class for grammar I feel like will be very beneficial, considering it will be definitely something that I will be enjoying it.

I can't wait to relally get the ball rolling on getting classes knocked out :)