Thursday, November 29, 2012

-A Birthday Reflection Post-

26 years ago today my parents were at the hospital having me.
I was born at about 2 am  November 29th 1986. I came a little earlier than what they expected me. mom was incredibly sick in the hosptial before she had me. 

Thinking on past years, past birthdays - and just thinking about what i've accomplished so far in my life....
I have had a wonderful life, that is for sure. I have an amazing family. I really do. Supportive, loving, and always there (sometimes a little too much haha!) anyways- I feel that my parents did a good job of raising my brother and I... I really do... even though we fought until I moved out of the house...
After I came back home from being away at college for a few weeks, I remember that it was an odd feeling that we werent fighting... we actually gave each other a hug! haha. anwyays--
In the past I have felt 'un accomplished'- people that I graduated from high school with were already graduating college.  After I graduated high school, I went to a university for a year, the ultimately decided it was best for me to just move back home with my parents and go to school at night and work during the day....for about 5 years I went to that community college, I was able to knock out the majority of the 'core' classes though. then after trying to really figure out where I was going in life... God called me to get into ministry -for young adults.- and here I am... going to school just to do that.
While I know basically everyone I know has graduated and is in their career... I dont mind it. I have had to learn lessons along the way of finding my true path. But as usual just ready to be really on that path of helping young adults.

Looking back on a year  - in my life several things have changed. All good things ... of course at the top of that list is getting engaged to a wonderful man, a man who God certainly designed for me. Then I have gained alot of other experience with work, and just other things. Of course actually beginning school and getting a few classes under my belt and what not.

I cannot wait to see what God has planned for the future. The next year will be a busy ride, but a good one.. I really can't wait.

I have realized I really have learned that the simplier things in life are sometimes the most fun.
Since Steve and I began dating, we rarely go out to eat. ... we just really enjoy being at the house, in the kitchen, cooking dinner, trying a new recipe, and just being in there together, and talking and whatnot.
in the past I have always wanted to go out to dinner and everything for my birthday dinner. This year, when Steve asked me what I wanted to do - I thought on where I wanted to go for my birthday - but ultimately decided that one of my favorite things to do is just to have dinner at home... I requested that he cook and clean up, that would be a wonderful birthday dinner.. So that is what we'll be doing saturday for my birthday... I can't wait.

It is amazing of how much things can change... for good and the bad... I look forward to seeing what God has planned for me the rest of my life. The first 25 years were fantastic. :)