Tuesday, June 25, 2013


I had worked so hard on planning the wedding - a "DIY " wedding - I made the table runners, the centerpieces, hanging decorations- i made votives and vases and all kinds of glassware to look like mercury glass - I bought more candles than anyone could know what to do with - as well as too many napkins, and extra "just in case" items. I stressed over the color of the napkins for a few days - beceause they didnt 'exactly match' I stressed the last few days before the wedding because of the chance of rain - both my rehearsal dress and wedding dress got too big for me - (i lost quite a bit of weight because of stress - i was hardly eating-) i wasnt getting enough sleep - i would stay up late working on projects /ideas - waking up early continuing and then going to work.
my body was handling it well . i didnt hink anything was wrong.

the wedding was beautiful. better than what I had imagined. everything looked gorgeous. I was so thankful i had hired a wedding coordinator to handle the stresses that I could not take care of when i was trying to gt ready for the wedding... like oh - there was a thunderstorm and everything was getting wet- including the dance floor that i had rented. apparently there were other things that 'happened' while i was inside getting ready - and didnt know a thing. which was great. (i had time to focus on getting ready - destressing and just prepping myself for a wonderful evening)

my dresses were ready the day before the wedding - which was a relief.

we had a blast- it was a small wedding- only 60 people- it was perfect. I was able to visit with everyon for just a little bit - everyone had a good time visiting and enjoying the weather- it cleared off just in the nick of time for photos and for guests to begin arriving - to the point where we all needed sunglasses- basically!!! it completely cleared off after dark and a big full moon arose from behind the trees. Everyone danced and danced-
one more stress arose when we were about to head out - Steve didnt know where his keys were -- so we had to have a few extra songs played while steve looked for his keys --- all the while they were in his car - we had a sparkler exit that was sooo much fun to see - and it was just incredible. it was a wonderful evening.

Steve and I stayed in downtown at a very nice hotel for our wedding night it was wonderful. we woke up the next morning to have breakfast with family - and we were purly exhausted. we wound up going back to our hotel and just relaxing for a few hours before heading out. I wanted to sleep but my body wouldnt let me. after saying goodbye to family - we headed home where we just relaxed at home. that night i began to have a scratchy throat -- but i took some medicine and went to bed.
the next morning i woke up early and my throat hurt so much. and it did so for a few days. Steve took care of me- I had to take a few sick days from work - and i even went to the dr - who wasnt sure what it was - she gave me some antibiotics- well i went home that day - and wound up sleeping for a very long time, and then got up, and naped the next. After it all - i figured out that all the stress that i had - really had built up over time - and my body did not know how to handle it -so when wedding was done - and stress was lifting - my body freaked out... ( i think ) and so i needed some sleep- my appetite came back  and i've felt fine since.

between the time of the wedding and honeymoon (a week and a half between i pretty much just rested to make sure not to over do it to get worse - because at this point i did have a cold...)

we left for our honeymoon to costa rica - which we spent 9 days filled with adventure and a little bit of relaxing by the pools and beach.
we had a wonderful time, and already decided to go back in a few years.

for the past week and a half (or so) we've been getting in a routine (or trying to ) and trying to get wedding stuff sold and out of the house- and trying to get my things organized.


The Grand Entrance

Steve & His brothers

Me with my brother

Father of the Bride speech

 Father of the bride Dance
everyone dancing under the tent

Groom and "man of Honor" (Steve and Daniel)

Sparkler exit