Thursday, August 15, 2013

A DIY (Do It Yourself) lifestyle

How to:
Stain your own cabinets..... make a cake with candy popping out,  make your own cleaners at home, make a mosquito trap using plastic bottles,make decorations foryour own wedding ---

Those of us who use, or browse pinterest, or even facebook have been faced with the reality that we can do almost anything ourselves. with the help of some glue, and some paint, or a few items from the grocery store or whatever- we can do it all.

As some of you know, I did make the majority of my own decorations for my wedding myself. ... (plus the help of a few family members) It was a HUGE task. I painted picture frames, i painted vases and votives, i made burlap banners (well would up buying a few) I made ribbon banners, i made the escort cards and the place cards.... and of course put it all together..... with a crew of about 10 people to help put it all together (and take it all down) I was determined to do it all "myself'. We wanted a wedding that reflected both of us, not a wedding that you would see in a magazine, or pinterest, or whatever. A wedding that was "us."  All in all, we did do it all "ourselves" and it was absolutely perfect. the decorations and set up was nice, not overbearing, but gave the right touch to the venue.

Going through it all and staying up late at night to cut escort cards or ribbon or whatever, I thought of how we cant do EVERYTHING ourselves in life. Ultimately we are to depend on God for everything in our life. We do things with God right by our side. Life is not a "DO IT YOURSELF"" life --- We have to realize to call out to him when we are struggling with everything and we have to recognize that sometimes we have to rely on Him more than anything in the world. We think that we are supposed to do things all on our own or we seem weak or just cant handle it all... we cannot handle it all. That's why we have God.

We are faced with many challenges here on earth and we have to follow God's path and we have to trust in Him.