Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Speak Love by Annie Downs

Speak Love.
It's a book that was released today. it is by Annie Downs. I pre-ordered mine, and thanks to Amazon, mine arrived in the mail yesterday.
I read 2 1/2 chapters last night. They're short chapters.
this book is geared towards teen girls. considering Im in my mid/late 20s then I am not in that age group, however -I fully believe that all age groups can get a little something out of it though.... i really do.
If you know a teen, or are a teen girl, or even are curious about it, I highly suggest this book... like I said only 2 1/2 chapters in... but so far so good. :)
As I read I want to post my thoughts and just things that I get from the book....

Some thoughts I have so far on it... just evaluating my life and such...::::
Speak Love.
Simple as that.
We are to speak love in this world.

How in the world do we reflect God when we speak of gossip, jealousy, negative thoughts....

But when we speak love- then we are reflecting God. Afterall, God is Love.

think about what you are saying to others.
THink about what you are saying to God.