Wednesday, August 28, 2013

How is the world making us think?

We are living in a world that is not by any means a "Christian world" - we are living in a dark world that is full of filth and horrible things that attack us and that try to get to our spirit.
I have been sitting here for a while, typing, retyping, deleting, retyping again, and then I finally figured out the way I wanted to approach this.
We need to change the way the we think, in order to help out the rest of the world. We have to be reminded that as Christians, God has set us apart from the world. We are to be different than the filth that we've seen. We have to change our way of thinking before we can go out into the world and try and change other people.
The world has lost the sense of morals and values. The world has changed what God has told us in the bible of what to do and what not to do. The "world" has said that we don't need the Bible. - the words are worthless... its old text, it doesnt matter now. The "world" has told us things so that we would become distant from God.
The world is trying to tell us (through media & the way people live) that it is "OK" to do things. ... BUT THESE THINGS ARE NOT "OK" BY GOD.

some examples.. THE (DARK) WORLD SAYS:
hey, it's ok to prance around on a stage wearing hardly nothing on a televised show, promoting sexual things.... after all "you're expressing yourself"
"It's ok to live with your boyfriend/girlfriend.... It's ok to have sex before you're married... why not? after all what's the big deal about making it special? It's not that big of a deal.  Hey, while you're at it, why not go ahead and have a kid, or two? Oh, and nah, you don't have to marry that guy that knocked you up. The kid will be fine without a dad. The dad will be better of moving along,and knocking up another girl. Just don't get married, after all, you are strapped down for good, and wont be able to have any fun anymore.
oh yeah, go to that party. yeah, it's fun. keep the drinks coming, after all, its fun getting drunk.People have more fun when they drink.
Yeah, go ahead, wear that low-cut top, and short skirt, let those guys want you. Keep on tempting them.
"Be jealous that your friend got that awesome new car, they don't deserve it."
"Yeah, go ahead, have an affair with that married man, after all it is fun sneaking around avoiding your husband and his wife... lets see how long it takes before you get caught.
"You should kill that guy, after all your wife was the one who had an affair with him.

Those are things that the world says.

God has intended us to be set apart from the world, therefore we are to ignore what the world is saying, and obey the commands that God has for us.
We have to be mindful of the decisions that we make, and we have to make sure that we do not fall into the traps of satan. Satan uses all kinds of techniques to get to us, so that we stray from God.We cannot give in to satan.

The world needs to change its thinking. It needs to understand that God did not intend these things. God has given us rules and things to follow, that way we know of what path to take. We have to take the lead and set an example first and not fall into the pits of satan, and we must try and help those who are in the midst of the rubble of the world.

If you are one of those people who has fallen into the pits of Satan, first and foremost, I'm glad you are able to see it. If you are ready to change your life around, and get rid of the filth. First give up and let go of whatever filth you are dealing with. Pray. read the Bible. find a church, go back to church, or speak to someone at a church. Find a mentor, or a good Christian friend to help you out, and pray with you and keep you accountable.
Don't be ashamed if you have been in the pits. Trust me, It will be fine. You just have to start somewhere of recognizing of where you are, verses where you need to be.
I hope that this helps in some way. :)
Thank you.

Hope in a Dark World