Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Coming Soon....

Jesus Cross
I wanted to prepare you - In the coming weeks as we are approaching Good friday - I will be taking a deeper look into the last hours of Christ's life. Some of the stuff that I will be writing about will be intense. Its not your average childrens sunday school lesson - this will be an in depth look at what Christ went through, physically, mentally and emotionally. Most of my information will be coming from Dawson McAllister. Some information will be coming from a Planet Wisdom conference that I went to. I will be breaking it up so that way its not so much information at a time. I'll also be putting it up prior to Good Friday for two reasons, one being that way we can focus our time on Good Friday for the pain and suffering that Christ sacrificed for us. and I will also be out of town, and will be difficult for me to post that weekend.
please stay posted for it, I havent decided when I will start it or anything like that, just know that it will be coming, and wanted to let you know, that it will be deep. (when i have taught this in the past, it can be difficult to listen to, especially if you have a weak stomach.) but this is very real. I think as Christians it is important for us to realize of the extent that Christ suffered for us.
Thank you very much, and stay tuned in the coming weeks.