Wednesday, September 12, 2012

We remember.

yesterday was the 11th anniversary of the Sept. 11th terrorist attacks. A day that many people will never forget. (Sorry for not posting this yesterday when I should have..)
Here is my story from that day...I know we all have different stories... and we all were doing different things, and many of us will not forget about how or when we heard about the attacks on the World Trade Center that September morning.

I was a freshman in high school and was sitting in my 2nd period Biology class, it was still the 'passing period' but I was already seated and ready for class to begin. The girl that sat next to me walked in - I do not remember her name, but I do remember she was an exchange student from Guam. she was either a junior o senior, but she didnt have a first period, so this class was her first class. she walked in, and was standing taking her backpack off when she asked me "did you hear aobut the plane crash?"
she didnt have much information, she didnt know anything really... but I thought to myself... planes crash... whats the big deal.
The bell rang, to signal that everyone should be in the classroom, when a guy in the back of the room asked the teacher if he'd heard what was going on... the teacher was already trying to get on the internet to try and see what was going on.... the internet was apparently packed with people doing the same thing.
the tv's in the classroom were not set up to get outside channels... (or so they said...) my teacher, Coach Foster though, went to his little closet where he had metal coat hangers, proceeded to make an antenae, out of stuff so that way we could watch to see what was going on. other classmates began to help him... he almost had it when the bell rang to signal of class was over...
Walked to my 3rd period... Band.- I guess by this point they had turned on the televisions so that way we could see what was going on.... we watched the television in awe... and wondering what was going on.

Rumors were being spread that the hijackers were going to hit the Dallas trade center...

For the rest of the day all we did was watch the televisions to see what was going on. We watched as the towers fell... and  the footage played over and over again of the planes hitting the two towers, and reports and footage of the plane that struck the pentagon, and the plane in that pennsylvania field.

I don't remember the point when I was told it was a terrorist attack, and that Bin Laden was behind it.
I know that it was all new to me, I'd never thought much about the U.S's relationship with other countries and such.  From that point I began to look oustide my little world, and really be able to understand that the world is much bigger than what it seems.

Many lives were lost that day. and Many were heroes. too many innocent people lost their lives that day and so many people were brave to go in and rescue people, and help so many people.

Many lives are lost every day - but I think as a country we were able to come together and help each other out, and really the first time for me to see a nation (or at least everything around me) just stop, and be in shock and awe at what was being shown on television and everything.
I remember so well the few days after that- air traffic was stopped- I live in the DFW metroplex, and planes are always in the air, but there was an odd silence that was noticeable- when there suddenly wasnt many planes flying over head.

Hard to believe its been 11 years. Times have certainly changed since then. just because of the those events so many precautions have been set in place for air travel.

We will never forget that day, and I pray for the families that lost someone or was directly effected by those events on that September morning.