Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Wedding modesty

A couple of months ago I wrote a post about "what are you wearing"... this kinda ties along with it.

I already purchased my wedding dress... (a bargain at a local thrift store... a whole whopping $25.... Granted I will be making lots of changes to the dress, but I love that I'll be making it 'my own' i just have to get it up to the tailor to figure out what to do.) ANYWAYS....

IN the midst of looking.. (on the internet) for dresses... I fell in love with dresses with lace on it.... and was noticing that there seems to be more options out there... with 'straps' - or 'cap sleeves' and whatnot... (in the past, from my EXTREMELY  limited looking seemed like all dresses were strapless or spaghetti straps... which to me,... I was not going to do strapless.. and spaghetti straps... eh...) anyways... so glad that there are more options out there.. however was noticing that on alot of these dresses they had the extremely tight fitting dresses, and the plunging necklines... both of which... I am not a huge fan of,
I was watching "say yes to the dress" last night (I dont watch much tv... just wanted to see what this was about...)
i watched a couple of episodes... and a few of the brides that I Saw wanted the super tight dresses, and 'the more the boobs the better' ... the more skin the better.. there was one gown... it was like 'oh my goodness... what in the world....super plunging neckline...

So makes me wonder.. I dont know where that bride held her wedding at... but if she held it in the church... just wonder how she felt when she was up there with the preacher, and saying her wedding vows?

I would feel SOOO awkward. thats just me. though.

A while back I was watching a youtube video of a bride and groom dancing at their wedding reception, where they did a swing dance... the bride, was wearing a very short dress, and as she was dancing it was obvious that her strap of her dress kept sliding off of her shoulder, after almost every move, she had to put her strap back on her shoulder.. (if you're going to change into a different dress for the reception, may be a good idea to make sure you can dance in it... so you don't have a wardrobe malfunction while you are out on the dance floor....

I am not saying that a bride has to wear long sleeves and a high neck and everything, just basically... when you are out there trying on dresses, is that really something you want to wear in front of the preacher, and grandma/ grandpa... mom and dad?
(I know I would NOT like my family to see me in some of those dresses... )

So glad that there are other options out there, so that way brides can have different options for a wedding dress.

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