Thursday, July 19, 2012

What are you wearing?

short skirt is shortWelcome to Summertime-- the temp is high, the shorts are shorter, the necklines are lower, more skin, less fabric. every summer we see this... but is it just me? -- Just seems like the shorts keep getting shorter each summer- for at least the past summers...
I saw a picture where the girl's shorts were shorter than her undies.... just not right...
The way we dress describes us before we even speak. We set our own image the second someone lays eyes on us.
We forget we impact those around us with the way we dress, what we say, the way we act, what we do and say on Facebook, twitter etc.....

Shorts shorts shorts!!More girls are being pulled in the the secular scene, as images are all around us telling us to show off more leg, more cleavage, and what to wear to show off certain parts of your body. I know that this has been going on for YEARS... but I would love to see a change.
I know I see people whether in real life or on facebook, showing off certain aspects of their body- and honestly, gives me the image of 'they are putting themselves out there'
They are sending a message.
Girls are dressing these days, not even thinking about what they are wearing, they are wearing things that make them look 'sexy'--- not thinking that they are tempting others

You are tempting guys. You are being the temptor. You are putting yourself out there....
 we have a responsibility towards our brothers: not to stumble them in their faith by the way we act, speak or dress.
I read something somewhere- if I  could remember where I read/heard it- I'd give that person credit- but it basically said that when  girls dress in that manner - you are leading them to temptation - you are putting their faith in jeopardy. All in turn you are also putting your faith and tempting yourself.  wanting that attention. - Wanting people to notice you, and your skin- wanting boys to flock to you, by the way of how much skin you are showing...
As I've been writing this I have begun to think... the way we dress, and the way we act, what we say- that is what begins an attraction.
When you dress to flaunt your body, and to show off skin and to look sexy- then thats the kind of guy you will attract, you will attract someone who wants that skin, wants sex....
Stunning!when we dress and reflect the image of Christ, then we will attract someone who is along the same lines. (Does that make sense?)
It is up to you of who you want to attract... whether you are looking for someone just for sexual attention or  if you are looking for someone who is a good guy, and that looks to Christ.

As Christians we have to be mindful when we do anything, to make sure that it is not tempting anyone in a negative way.--- Whether thats the way we dress, or the way we talk, how we act, or anything.

As far as our dress and fashion, I am not saying we have to start dressing like nuns, we dont have to throw all fashion out the window, just be cautious in what you wear, and how you wear it.
You may have to make some changes to your wardrobe. you may have to find some shirts that cover  certain areas- You may have to wear some shorts that are a little longer, you may have to wear shirts that arent so tight, you may need to wear longer skirts/dresses....

Green knee-length dress"I plead with you to give your bodies to God because of all he has done for you. Let them be a living and holy sacrifice—the kind he will find acceptable. This is truly the way to worship him..." (Romans 12:1 NLT)
We are to give our bodies to God. and to be a living and holy sacrifice... the kind that He will find acceptable.
What will God find acceptable?
 If you dress in a manner is tempting others, and increasing their chances of stumbling in their faith,  I doubt that God finds that acceptable.

Think about if you are tempting your brothers in Christ..... think about the way you dress... think about the way you act around them, think about the way you talk to them...
Please be mindful when you get dressed, if it is pleasing to God, if you are tempting others, and if you are dressing in a manner that is pleasing to God.
Do you talk in a flirtatious manner, trying to get their attention?
Are you leading guys on by the way you talk/flirt with them?

.Are you tempting them to persue you in any other manner that is not pleasing to God?
 The choice is YOURS, and YOURS alone... of how you dress, and whether or not you are going to dress to offer yourself as a living sacrifice to our Heavenly Father.
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