Tuesday, July 10, 2012

13 Days

13 Days- until I begin school.

I have been going to college (minus this past year) - at a university the first year after college, then a community college after that.... but this is different.
I was never just completely exhillerated. I am now.
a year and some-odd- months ago - I felt what God had called me to do--- He wanted/wants me to go into ministry--- Young adult ministry in specific... to focus on the young adults around, that have fallen from the church, or never knew the church/ God... and just help them get back into it. I have no idea what EXACTLY He has in store... but I can just feel that great things will come...
Not too long (just a couple of days later) after I felt that calling- it was announced that Gateway Church would be a Satellite campus for a university in California, The Kings University... after some time, thinking, praying, and everything, I applied, and was accepted about a month ago. (the most amazing feeling... being reassured that this is something that God has His hand over.)
I still feel that excitment that I felt over a year a go.
Im a little nervous, but SUPER excited.
I was accepted for the Summer 2 session beginning July 23 2012... 13 Days from today it all begins.Its only one class for this session - Will be basically an orientation. :) I dont even care- I am so excited because this is  THE beginning. I cannot wait at all.
I have never been so excited about school in my whole entire life. ... it is so different-- just knowing that this truly is something that God has planned for me.... :)
just so different.but soooo awesome!! :)
I can't believe how quickly it is approaching. :) I feel like a kid-- getting all ready for everything....
New backpack, lunch box, pens, pencils, binder, spirals... Well I dont need alot of that, and thank goodness dont need any textbooks-- but will just need my computer. I really am so excited.

Thats all I wanted to share. Im on 'official countdown for school'
13 Days. :)