Monday, July 23, 2012

Time for School! TIME FOR SCHOOL!!!

have to do a little *happy dance* today---
Today is a new beginning for me.
Today is the first day of school for me - at the Kings University. I have never been happier-- I just KNOW that this is what God has planned for my life. Its been incredible. just KNOWING that this is all in HIS Plan. and all in HIS timing.
(of course it would have been nice to have been able to realize that this was the path I was to go down... oh 7 years ago... but I know I had to do alot of growing up, and needed to experience things that way I can help others.)
As you may know, I have had a calling for young adults for the past year.
We have a problem with young adults... they are leaving the church. many of them go to church until they graduate high school- then they leave.
 anyways- just over a year ago, it was placed on my heart that I was to go into ministry- young adult ministry. I dont know what I''ll do - I just know that is the age of people I want to work with - I want to get them to go back to church. So that whene they have kids (if they don't already) they can get their kids to go to church... if children don't see their parents praying, going to church...etc... they will have that same mindset... (as a general rule.)we are to set the example.
Anyways- I cannot wait to see what God has in store for me during this time, I know that this is the beginning to something really great :)
I have NEVER been this excited about school before.
I remind myself of Nemo excited about his first day of school:

So I will be beginning school today, and will go for 5 weeks. very short- but love it- I'll have that done in no time, and then will have about a month break, before I start the next quarter.
So this Quarter I am only taking one class: Student Learning Development... basically  just an orientation class to get me ready for online classes. this is one class I am not too worried about :)
Looking over the syllabus, and items that will be due over the next 5 weeks, reflection papers, quizes, final exam... lots to cover the next 5 weeks. I will be logging in 5 times a week, with 3 days a week something to turn in. :) It will be a lot to keep up with.

but I know I can do it. :) I am so incredibly excited I can't hardly stand it. In a matter of just a few years I will have a bachelor degree :) WAHOO!!!
anyways that is my good news for the day. I am very excited and cannot wait to share things that I will learn during this time.