Tuesday, July 31, 2012

101 things to do in 1001 days.

A couple of years ago, I saw on a blog- where they did this list-- 101 things to do in 1001 days.
thought it was a neat idea...
and really is, nice to see some of the things that you have accomplished.
So I decided to go ahead and start one... so...
November 17th 2009 I sat down and wrote out 101 things that I would like to do within the next 1001 days (almost 3 years)-- amazing how much can change ... I have had to make a couple of revisions to the list, (because I knew that I would NOT be able to accomplish some of the things... like i said, 'life changes...-you can see that link here, of that first post.
So this is all suppsosed to be 'done' in 17 days. on August 16th.
Some of it I think can be attainable.
some of it, not so much. and I know the photography stuff I will not be doing.I'll be busy trying to complete them, we'll see how much i get done :)
there are some things that I will definitely continue on to the next 101 list.

1. learn how to make a pie (Cherry pie May 5th, 2012)

2. Learn how to make a cheesecake Did it.. not how i thought it would be, but everyone still liked it.
3.Try one new recipe a month (9/30)

House &; Home

4. Keep at least one plant alive (ivy?) 1/2 way- got an Ivy for b-day, now gotta keep it alive. – failed with the ivy – but I have other plants growing – marigolds, basil and others…

5. Keep my car clean for 3 weeks - inside and out

6. clean out my desk (june 2011)
7. clean out my closet ---did --- and moved-- now the key is to keeping it clean :)

8. Wash dishes every night for 2 weeks (0/2)

9. Make curtains for my room... possibly living room

10. Clean out craft bin (done, need to work on scrapbooks, though)

11. Figure out a "life plan" (Its 'my plan' but I know God has the Ultimate plan :) )

For the Best of Me

12. Read the Bible at its entirety (In progress, started reading from the beginning, I know I wont finish by the time that this is supposed to be done, but It will be done by jan 1 of 2013)

13. get up and stretch each morning for 2 weeks

14.excersize 4 times a week for a month
15. follow the food pyramid to a "T" for 3 days (0/3)
16.dont eat any sweets 3 days out of the project (3/3) spring 2011 gave up sweets for Lent.

17. get a manicure & Pedicure

18. get new eyeglasses-- love them!!

19. Do a teeth whitening program

20.Learn CPR

21 Drink 8 Glasses of water for 3 days (0/3)

22 Make a prayer journal made one, may make another one, .... one that would be easier to write in...
23 Tithe Every week that i go to church -
24 Blog once a week—getting there...

25 find a job Found one??? -

26 start bachelor degree @ university (July. 2012) (what a wonderful thing to have crossed off!!)

27 Vaccuum once a week for a month (4/4)

28 Make my own bread


29 Go to a hot air balloon festival- Completed on 9/19/2010 (plano Balloon Festival)
30 Go to the Deaf assisted living home 4 times a year (2/8)
31 go to a concert (Trans siberian orchestra)

32 Go to at least one professional game (rangers game April 23)
33 go to the zoo(went with Nikki April 2011)
34 go to the botanical gardens (went July 2011)
35 go to a college football game (Went with Steve to TCU game)

36 Go to a museum- (went to the Amon Carter musueum July 2011 )

:37 take a picture every day for a month
38enter into 6 photo contests (0/6)
39 Learn how to use photoshop properly...... for the majority
40 Enter items in State fair contests 0/2
41 Sell a photo (Sold one on zazzle- July 2012!)
42 get a website for my photos
43 upload most photos online- (alot of photos already online between facebook and google +

44 make a real photo portfolio
45 Get out old film camera, take pics, and then get them developed.
46 Print various pics for mom(put photos on a cd for mom)
47 Digiti-fy some of my photos of when i was a kid (scan)
48 Learn how to photograph portraits
49 Learn a photography skill once a month (0/30)

TO Do/ Buy
50 get laptop fixed (bought a new laptop)

51 Go camping (Steve and I went camping April 13th, 2012)

53 Get a phone

54 Get a sewing machine (mom has one that I will get)
55 Get a external hard drive (2010)
56 buy a shredder (VOID)

57 Back up data from computer (something that needs to constantly needing to be done)
58 Get a library card

59 get something from the library each month after i get a library card

60 frame 5 photos

61 Get a small digital camera.(got a new camera that really has been serving me well- smaller, but does really great pics)

62Get coins into paper money, or put it in savings- Coins were stolen – working on new jar of coins.

63 get a family portrait, with parents and brother

64 go to a festival (art Festival Ft worth April 17 2011)

For FUn

:65. Learn to play a new instrument (going to (re)learn the piano.)

66 Watch the stars

67 go fishing

68. Start a sketch book.... and then start sketching
69.Learn how to paint

70. Go putt putt (July 2012-- So much fun!)
71. go play a real golf game.
72 go to a drive in theater

73 Go on a picnic (Labor day 2011 with steve)

.74 plan a surprise (surprise party for Emily May 2010_

75. host a game night

76. learn how to make a peice of clothing for myself

77. Fly somewhere...(Went to California for Thanksgiving with Steve)

78 Fly a kite
79. Learn 5 ASL signs a week... (0/130)
80. finish college scrapbook
81. take vitamins every day fora month
82. Get a jewelery box
83 Get some high heels, and learn how to wear them....
.84. Don’t complain for 1 week
.85. Learn how to use Chop sticks

86. Spend an afternoon in a local coffeeshop – loved to do this – will be doing again.

87. perform a song with my brother (him singing, me doing sign language)Accomplished on May 2 – we did “Give me your Eyes” – By Brandon Heath – He sang, played his mandolin – and I Signed. It was great
88. Make my bed for 3 weeks (3/3)

89 save $100 a month for the duration of the project (20/30)

For The best of everyone
90. Buy and send out/give 10 'just because' gifts (5/10)
91. Give food/clothing to the needy 4 times a year (2/10)
92. Start recycling more (Started to really recycle since living at home)
93.Learn how to drive a stick shift
94Write 3 letters of complaint of food / service (1/3)
95Write 3 letters of praise of food/service (2/3)
96 start working on posture

97 Make sure im on the right track for schooling.

98 volunteer twice (2/2) (Fed the homeless with youth group & Special Olympics)

99 buy something online... preferably via etsy.(Bought Coasters online frm Evan..)
100pray for someone everyday.- Working On it

101 Have someone inspired enough to make a 101 for themselves