Monday, August 27, 2012

If you do not raise your children... who will?

Something has really struck me over the past couple of weeks... While I do not have children... but several friends of mine do- but something really hit me especially earlier this week....
Parents are supposed to not only just keep their children alive, but to raise them up right. If you do not raise them to have patience, manners, social skills, learning skills (reading, writing, colors, letters, shapes...) then who will? then when you do not model a good christian environment, of Love for you and your spouse... fathers modeling how a man is supposed to treat a lady... and mothers modeling how a woman is to treat a man... (if you don't then what kind of romantic relationships will your son/daughter have or treat others?)
If you teach them and show them the ways of the world, then when they grow older, will they grab the Bible, or will they grab something bad?
I have noticed that some parents throw some kind of electronic device at their children, so that they will entertain themselves, rather than be teaching their children things, and have the television teach them stuff.... and alot of thimees they will put television on to 'cartoons'- rather than something educational and good quality that they can learn from.

I know that it is important for children to entertain themselves at times... but instead of throwing on the television- what about coloring? or an age appropriate puzzle, or other toys... I dont know...
When you throw an electronic device at them, they most likely arent learning anything and they will not know how to communicate with people.
There is a family that I know, their children do not know how to communicate with people... they constantly have some kind of electonic something in their hands and have their head down looking that that, rather than talking... after you ask them some kind of question.--- kids need to learn how to properly communicate.

There was a girl walking down my street the other night. (she looked to be in high school...)  YELLING into her cell phone. Steve and I were sitting out there, when all of a sudden we started hearing her-- Cussing at whoever it was that she was talking to, and telling them, that they wanted to get high more than to see her, and apparently treating her wrong. I dont know the situation, except for what she was yelling all the way down the street. but I figured that it was her boyfriend....or something... Both Steve and I both looked at each other and he said 'sometimes you wonder why and how people get with the people that they get with...'....
So true. For this girl... I just wonder what kind of role models did she grow up with to want to be with a guy who apparently is doing drugs and whatnot...
It is important to show your children of what kind of spouse to be on the look out for (when they are the appropriate age...) that way they (hopefully) will not get mixed up with someone that is bad for them.

Talking from my life now:
I'm going to brag on my dad for a minute. I know that there are alot of good dads out there.. but mine was really great to me.
When I was little... Beginning at an early age (Newborn)... He would dress me up all cute and would take me to whataburger... while he met a friend for lunch. (He was at the time not working, and mom was, so he was a 'stay at home dad'- for just a little bit after I was born, until he found a job.) He would show me off... I'd get a little older and he'd still take me to whataburger and we'd eat... for 'date nights'--- I remember him also taking me to Dairy Queen, and would go with him to get gas in his truck, and he would ALWAYS get me a surprise... same thing everytime, in a little brown bag - a handful of peanut butter bars..... He has always been there for me... While he was always nice--  he knew when to discipline too.  (while I hated it then... I know it was good for me.... made me to be who I am today) Dad still takes me out on 'dates' -- well when mom isnt around... gives us an opportunity to go - we always know where we are going... and what we are ordering ... To whataburger - for burgers and chocolate milkshakes (except when their milkshake machine is broken, like it was a few weeks ago) haha. anyways-

It is important to set an example for your children. They look up to you, more than what they may realize. It is important for them to watch you respect others, particularly your spouse. It is important to impliment Biblical principals in your home, even at an early age. It is important for them to see you to follow the same rules.

Keep in mind that it is up to YOU to teach them morals, and values in life...