Thursday, August 30, 2012

Why does God have me here?

This morning, I got out of bed... and was extremely exhausted. The past two nights I have had trouble actually getting to sleep.... not something that usually happens. Normally my head hits the pillow and im OUT 10 seconds later. Not the case last night or the night before... I lay there for a long time, before I pull out a book and read, then eventually try to fall back to sleep, and eventually do. (I hope that tonight I will have better luck...) anyways... I was asleep until my alarm went off (i normally wake up  a few minutes before my alarm goes off...) and got out of bed... was really dragging... I had to make sure to have my coffee this morning. I got ready for the day, and headed out.

You see the past few days I have felt the need to do more with my blog and need to write more.

This morning as I was driving, was thinking about my future... and why God has me in the position that I do have with my work...I know that he has me where I am for a reason... then this little verse popped in my head

 Jeremiah 29:11  "For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you, plants to give you hope and future."
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Purely words of encouragement right there....

You see... God has a plan.  He has it all under control.

I know that God can do some amazing things, and we have to wait patiently for his plans to prosper, it is all a learning and growing experience.

We may think that things should happen at a certain time place, or manner... but when in reality, God has a plan for us to go over certain hurdles and puts us in certain situations so we can grow and learn.

We have to put our full trust in God, and look to Him when we are in the midst of it all and know that he does have great plans for us.

When you put full  and complete trust in God, you will begin to have an incredible relationship with Him.

This verse is such a wonderful reminders when you have mornings ( Afternoons, evenings, or in situations) where you say "why in the world am I in this " ... or "I wish something would be different...".

God has a plan, and when the timing is right, He will open that door for you to walk right through. ...
You have to trust Him, and Know that is His plan, and not YOUR plan, though :)