Tuesday, January 1, 2013

What is YOUR new years Resolution?

Happy New Year!
I cannot believe that it is the start of a new year. It is amazing of how time flies.

Being that it is a new year- I know many people make 'new years resolutions' of course many people want to get their bodies in shape or start a new diet...
 Since I am writing a blog-- and being that the title of my blog is "awake my spirit"--- how about a different kind of resolution like - awakening your spirit? - and having a relationship with God- or deepening that relationship.....

Maybe you haven't been close with God lately - maybe you have had a stagnant relationship with Him, and you need to deepen that relationship....
As I have mentioned before you can always start 'fresh' get a clean start with God, and really work on having a relationship with Christ.
There are thousands of daily devotionals that are out on the bookshelves these days.  But you can also open up your bible and begin to read God's word too - there are also reading plans that are out there too... so you don't get too overwhelmed when reading the bible. You can also incorporate some quiet time in your daily routine, which can include prayer time and/or reading the Bible and just spending some quality time with God.
I think that the important thing is really spending time with God and really  getting a strong relationship with Christ going.
For me I am actually beginning to making sure I set a routine and setting aside the time for God. I know that these days it is incredibly hard to do.  We have so many things on our agendas, and its hard to say - 'ok, I need to spend time with God.'- I think that it is a matter of discipline and something that can be incredibly beneficial.
Too many people don't fully live out their relationship with God- the relationship is there- but only a day or two out of the week or less. I Really hope and pray that people will learn that its not just about those one or two days out of hte week, but instead dedicating your life to Christ and really having a true relationship with God. I hope that more people will awaken their spirits and live out their commitments to Christ. :)

Happy New Year - and Many Blessings to you all! :)

Happy New Year 2013