Wednesday, July 24, 2013

We cannot fathom what God has done from beginning to end.

#Scripture                            Ecclesiastes 3-11

We cannot fathom what God is doing in our lives. 
God has made EVERYTHING beautiful.
NOt just some things.

You may be going through a tough time in your life, where you feel that things just are not going as you had thought/hoped....
when we go through those times of our lives, we have to recognize that God is still with us. We may not know why he is doing this to us, why he puts us in those situations, but we do need to recognize that within that time, God is doing beautiful things. 
We have to remember that we are not to be so absorbed in these things in the world, because we were made for eternity.

In my NIV Bible - I have some commentary at the bottom.
here is what it says about this verse:

"The chapter summarized: God's beautiful but tantalizing world is too big for us, yet its satisfactions are too small since we were made fore "eternity" (but cf. NIV text note), the things of time cannot fully and permanently satisfy."

The things in this world are temporary satisfactions......
Cars ... money.... houses... eating sweets.... sexual immorality... gossip... jealousy....
the list could go on.
things that may make you feel good for a temporary time.

However when we are with the Father, then we have a satisfaction that will not just last here on earth, but will last for eternity - beyond this life we have on earth.And we cannot even comprehend of what that kind of relationship will be like, being that our relationship with God is so much extraordinary than any kind of relationship that we have on earth.