Wednesday, September 11, 2013

MIdnight Owl worrywart

It's midnight. I'm still awake. Sure, I layed down for awhile and I could not fall asleep. I normally fall asleep, oh about 10 seconds after my head hits the pillow. not tonight. My brain has been working in over-drive.
a bit of worry.
a little stress.
more worry.
yup. stress.
wondering what to do.
worrying more.
stressing more.

I decided it was time to pray.

so i did.

these worries and stresses and thoughts and wonders lifted. I felt as if God was saying to me.... "Shhh... shhh... shhh..... everything's fine, you know I've got this."

yes, oh yes how I KNOW he's got this.


It's hard for me to let it all go.

Yes, i trust Him, but WHY do i feel like I am SUPPOSED to be stressed with these worries???

I KNOW God has a plan in the end. but WHY do I feel the need to keep continuing on feeling stressed & worried?

I know that God has  plans for everything. I have to let these things go. the worry needs to vanish. The stress(es) need to go away. I know that God will handle everything, because there is nothing else I can do.(tonight)
I know that I'll have to take steps tomorrow to go where God leads.

but now that I have begun to type out how I feel, the worry, the stress and thoughts are going away, and my eyes (finally) have begun to get heavy and my yawns are becoming more frequent.

*Thank You, God for taking these burdens from me, and for reassuring me that you have me covered. I know that you will provide a way. And I know that you have a plan for everything.*Amen*

PS,  Readers, my launch date for the 30 Day Challenge will be announced soon!! :)  (thank you for being patient!!)s

Matthew 6:25-34