Monday, October 14, 2013

All kinds of exciting news

I have been on blogger for a few years, doing several different blogs. But I do hate to say - My time with "blogger" will be coming to a close. Being that I found a different and better internet blog platform:weebly.
It is still under construction but in the coming weeks I'll be finishing it up and it will be fully published. You can go ahead and check it out here:

Also I wanted to say that I have been thinking and praying on publishing an ebook. and I have decided to go ahead and publish an ebook. I am SUPER excited to be announcing this. -( i mean c'mon this is the girl who was super excited about these blog posts ... surely you remember my video blog and you could see my excitement for the blog.... ) So yeah, imagine like a million times more excited.... got that picture? yeah. that's me.
So here in the next few weeks (after I have completed the 30 days of change challenge online...and I will need some time to go over and make sure everything looks all nice and pretty and make some minor adjustments....) I will be (self)publishing an ebook via amazon. (get those kindles handy!) and be prepared for a 30 days of Change devotional.
Now I know you must be asking "why would I BUY the devo when I can just hop on your blog and read it. - Well here's the deal- before the devo is released I will be deleting all those posts. thats right. all of these posts that I've been writing and you've been reading here will be deleted. I haven't quite decided of if I'll keep this blog along with my new website. (I doubt it) So everything that I have done on here will more than likely be all deleted. (take it all in while you've got the chance)
I also plan to add some additional information as well in the ebook.than what I've been doing in the blogs.
those who wanted to continue the devo challenge - and didnt get to - then they'll be out of luck --- BUT they can purchase it when it is released on eBook. 
A definite date has not been figured out. I'm anticipating though sometime around November 1, though. yep in just a few weeks EEEEKKKK!!!!!! 
IMO mega excited. stay tuned. until then - get out your kindles and dust 'em off, they'll be a new devo in town.
Due to funds - and print books being more expensive to publish - is why im holding off on real books at this time- however - i want to know if you would really prefer a print book over an ebook.

Would you prefer a ebook for kindle... and such or a print book - a real book??? (Comment below on what you want.)