Tuesday, June 12, 2012

More Good News...

Yes, I know I havent  had an 'inspirational' post yet since our engagement... But I do have more good news.

Yesterday evening I was notified that I am accepted into The Kings University at Gateway.

This is something that I have felt that God has been calling me to do for over a year now -  March, or early April of last year (2011) I felt a calling to go into the Ministry - specifically Young Adult Ministry. I feel like there is a need for young adults (college age, 20-Somethings) to get (re)Connected to church and to God.  I was looking into schools in the area so I could begin my schooling with all of it - when just a couple days after I began to research - Gateway announced that they would be launching a university soon. ---
I have to tell  you more about that... it was probably a moment in my life that I'll never forget. -
Normally I would go to the Young Adult service that Gateway has on Tuesday nights "Seven" - but this particular Tuesday, for some reason I wasnt able to get over there in time or something - I don't remember the circumstances. - but I was cooking dinner (Spaghetti if I remember correctly) I had the computer going, so I could watch Seven online - I had it going in the living room, right there by my kitchen in my apartment - I was cooking dinner, had bee listening to the worship music, then once the worship music ended one of the pastors got up for announcements - thats when he mentioned 'to stay tuned, but Gateway would be launching a university in the coming months... I RAN to my computer (the whole 5 steps from my stove to my desk.) and as he was talking ( i cant remember what all he said ) I was jumping up and down, I had this feeling in my heart, a feelign that is so tough to really describe - but almost as it was saying... "THIS IS FOR YOU!" just THIS WAS IT... I was Jumping up and down, continuously - (realizing that I had neighbors below me a stopped jumping) but it was such a feeling in my heart that this was something I was to persue. I was so excited about what was going on, i barely ate my dinner (that is definitely saying something... ) and then I was wondering if I should just go up to the church to see if they had any other  kind of information -- i decided against going up to the church. Shortly after the announcent - maybe a few days or a week or something, they announced it officially online - and they had a video -  and they even had an 'informational meeting'  I immediatly signed up for that. Mom and I went. they had some good information - some info that I had already learned from online.  But it was really good. I really felt that this was definitely for me. Several months continued to pass, I would check on a weekly basis to see if there was any devopment - They had been trying to get everything going so that classes could begin Sept 2011- but ultimately they had to push it out to a year later - Sept 2012. They had a meeting this spring a "launch party" - it was really great - it was so neat to see the people there that were interested in TKUG - and it was all ages - 'just graduted from High school', "college age" - a little older than college age", " then older adults" -- All ages.. was really neat to see. There was a large turnout- which was great - everyone was excited, eager to listen and hear what they were saying - everyone was hanging onto every word that was said. - well at least I was. I still was so excited... and began to get just a tad nervous like "this is really happening!! " :)
I began my application process and that is when I recieved word yesterday that I was accepted.
I had been talking to a guy at The kings  -- when just about 3 hours later, as I was getting off work, I literally was pulling out from the parking garage when I saw an email on my phone - Saying "congratulations!- you've been accepted."
Steve had just gotten off of work, and I was awaiting his phone call. - I was tempted to just call him, but I waited for about 1 minute, and that is when he called me - so I was able to tell him my wonderful news, of getting accepted.
He was and still is so excited for being accepted and everything. [its so wonderful to have a future husband be so supportive in my calling and dreams - he always has been supportive in this, and has been with me through basically the whole process. Its been so wonderful.]

Still more excited than I could ever express,and yes that tinge of 'nervousness' of "wow... this is actually happening. I got in. I'll be taking classes for my calling that God has set before me........wooooow....." but this has been an amazing experience.

Ok - So It looks like I'll most likely be beginning classes July 23rd of this year. I'll be taking 2 classes at a time. Yes, it will take me awhile. Im very aware of that. It will be a fun adventure.

It will get crazy - I will have to work at balancing everything : School, studying, planning wedding, spending time with my wonderful Fiance, work, family.... who knows what else. I've done it before-- well minus the planning wedding part. but I think I can do it :) ("I think I can, I think I can, I think I can!")

I know that It will truly be an amazing season - I know that God has some amazing things in store for me. I cannot wait to see what He has planned for me.