Thursday, June 21, 2012

Staying focused on God

Last night I realized that I was spending way too much time thinking about the wedding... just thinking about dresses, colors, flowers, details--- especially for the past week or so, but definitely the past... what 4 weeks now!
Today I have declared myself a 'wedding free' day- today is a day where I am not to think about the wedding, nor am I to look up anything about wedding stuff. I love it all... I think TOO much. I love looking at wedding stuff, so pretty, just still dreaming about mine, and getting ideas about what we would like to have.
This has all stemmed from something I've continuously heard over the past few days "Be Still and Know that I am Here...."
"BE STILL" has been on my heart primarily. so I am FINALLY going to listen to God.-
I will be still. I feel that God is primarily telling me this with the wedding planning stuff.
After all I do have lots of time --- (yes, i know that i can't doddle... but I have 11 months.)
I feel that I am going to need like 1 day maybe a week to completely ignore wedding stuff and focus on God. -- I just feel right now I am getting caught up in all of this, and before it gets out of hand, I can go to God, focus on him, be rejuvinated, and get back into planning, but still focus on Him.

I've been so focused on wedding, and just other things, that  I have not been going to Him when I should have been. I will admit that. and Im so glad that I have realized that.

So this is what I am struggling with.

Maybe you have something in your life, that is over taking it and distancing yourself from God???

Is He telling you to "Be Still" ?

Yes, we have to get things done, but we have to remain focused in Him, and go to Him.

A day, an hour, a week, every morning, whatever, maybe we need to put stuff aside that is putting a barrier between us and God, set everything aside and go to Him, in Prayer, worship, fellowship, and have a relationship with Him.

What are you focusing on?