Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring is in the air

Happy First day of Spring! I love spring. I think it is my favorite season, while I really do enjoy each new season - well certain aspects of the season: winter: bundling up and wearing cute scarves, drinking hot chocolate. staying inside by the fire (although for Texas, this doesnt happen very often- we didnt have much of a winter...again this year... I have winter clothes that i havent worn in several years... i like them, they fit, just they are very warm clothes and it didnt get that cold)
anyways- love spring because im able to get outside, enjoy the sunshine, the flowers that are blooming.. baseball season begins.
Summer- While the heat gets me (110 degrees.. no thank you.)I am thankful for the a/c, love being able to drink on lemonade (mmm) sit on the porch in the evenings, listening to the crickets and cicadas.and baseball season is in full swing, so catching a game or two is always nice.)
Fall- love fall too. the cooler air moves in and im able to get out those cute scarves and cute jackets.)
spring is so nice- after being couped up - able to see life begin again.
this past week has been super nice here in DFW. The temperature has been so nice and nice and sunny so lovely.
I love being able to go down the road and seeing the grass turning green and the trees all in bloom (my allergies do not like those, though)
I love seeing new flowers pop up (Just ask my fiance) last week I was examining his garden. (well the area that I have actually 'claimed' - because I want some flowers for me to tend. - I planted a few things last year. I had planted some seeds =--  lo and behold they are beginning to come up. i was so excited, that they are growing. :) i will have to make sure and take care of it this spring though. THis weekend we plan on getting some flowers for some pots that we have at his house- and I am so excited about that.
I wanted to share some photos with you guys from 3 years ago. - in 2010 me, and a friend of mine, , went to go visit another friend,  in East Texas. One day that we were there we stumbled on this gorgeous wild flower field. The pictures really dont do it justice. it was so nice :)


I haven't seen any bluebonnets yet... but now that it is officially spring i bet that they will be poppin' up here pretty soon. Bluebonnets only will last for a few weeks before they die. For me, it is always so nice to see them when driving. :)
Love the newness and the freshness of the springtime.
Anyways- ok- that's really all I wanted to say - .
Happy Spring, Everyone! :)