Thursday, May 10, 2012

Do Everything Without Complaining

The last month or so I only have been writing about Jesus' walk to the cross. It was very much on my heart to write about His walk and details on it. It was important to me to not do any other post during that time, because I know if I would have had a "break" in there while writing about His walk to the cross, I know that I would have never finished it. It was very much on my heart to make sure to finish it.

We've all heard people, we've all said it.... 

"ugh its so hot!"
"Why doesnt my phone EVER work!""
""whay are my bills so high?
"gas is too expensive."
"I'm hungry"
"I want chocolate"
"My feet hurt from these shoes"
"my husband/wife makes me so mad"
"the kids are driving me crazy"
"I hate having to wash the dishes/laundry..."
"I am too fat."
"I dont want to workout.
"im too tired..."

This is just a short list of things that we hear on a daily basis.

A few weeks back seemed like all I heard was negativity - just everyone was complaining about something, including myself. It really was getting to me and getting to my spirit, just had a negative outlook on everything. I was trying to figure out why all of a sudden I felt "blah" just everything was going wrong, I realized that I had woken up fine, and everything had gone great, but as soon as I got around some people, who were complaining, and they were constantly complaining, I fell into their negativity. When I realized that it was their negativity that was overflowing into my positivity... I stepped back, took a deep breath, and then got on the internet. I looked up "Bible verses about complaining."- it brought up a verse - that was like "HELLO!!!"

Philippians 2:14
 Do everything without grumbling or arguing

Can't get much more simple than that...


Not just somethings, not just at times that you want to, or when your spirit is 'negative'
but NEVER grumble or argue.

This is a command. this isnt a suggestion, this is God commanding us to do everything, no matter what it is without complaining.

When things go wrong, or the way we dont want, or something, USUALLY first instict is to complain, grumble, argue...
(are you guilty of this?)

I am going to admit that I complain alot. I really do. and this is something that has hit me, that I really need to work on.I have recognized that. and I have already begun.

I have found that it's best to think first before you speak.
(simple? no.)
but think : "is this a positive thing to say or a negative thing?" or "am I complaining or arguing?"  or  that old saying "What Would Jesus Do?.... Would Jesus say something like this... "if Jesus was here, would I still complain about this?"
you get the idea.

If the statement is negative, turn it around into something positive.

or if you cant think of anything positive do as I know my parents used to say

"if you cant say anything nice, don't say anything at all...."

It starts with your mind, starts with your outlook on life.

If you look with a negative outlook on life, then you're going to see negativity... if you look with a positive outlook, you're going to see positivity.... Starts with you.
and you get to decide on how you are going to do things.

Even though those around us effect us and how we are, dont use that as an excuse to be negative. Use that through good to make a difference....

God uses the good bad and ugly situations all for good.

God works through us in all things that we are going through. And when our focus is on grumbling, complaining, that does not lead us to God. We are not putting God first in those situations, we are focused on us, how we feel. which can lead to many things, such as selfishness,anger, gossip, and such, Rather than giving our praise to God, having compassion and forgivness as God has intended.

Set a different pace for those around you.
If you are like me and are surrounded by people who complain, set a different pace--- instead of participating, maybe say something positive. begin to bring in positive into our lives.
Stop looking at things through a negative view point.

I know I'm tired of all of the negativity in the world, Im ready to see some positive attitudes.

Are you?